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Your Data + Web Data =, helps companies to interact with their users over voice and provide deeply personalized recommendations using insights from their own data as well as public web data.

What are the main components of


It's semantic search platform includes handling of synonyms, linguistic variations, numeric conditions, estimation of feature specific quality from reviews and long tail tagging.

Voice's voice platform includes interactive voice search and information queries. It enables a conversational assistant on websites, apps and on popular home assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Personalization adds deep tags for every entity and predicts user preferences from browsing and search behaviour using these tags.

How does help me?

Increase conversions

Search experiences today are imperfect and often don’t convert. Semantic search makes sure your users find what they need, regardless of how they say it.

Retain more customers

Increase your brand's recall by providing deeper personalization and more intuitive interactions. Create an emotional connection by letting your customers ‘talk’ to you.

Provide 24X7 Assistance

High-grade customer assistance with less effort on your part. Feed in FAQs to answer customer queries beyond search and discovery of available choices.

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Richer personalized conversations with your users

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